Graham Williamson

In 2009, after 30 years of living and working in Cardiff as a glaze technician in the ceramics department at Cardiff College of Art , I retired and moved to Gloucestershire and spent the first two years building and setting up my own workshop, where I am now making on a full time basis.

After many years of working with reduction glazes and firing gas kilns, I decided to focus on oxidised glazes using electric kilns in an effort to produce work which had a more contemporary feel to it and relied less on some of the clich├ęs associated with traditional studio pottery.
My work is thrown in a very white burning stoneware body which helps to promote the vibrancy of colour that can be achieved.
My current work utilises vibrant matt glazes in conjunction with slips and pigments. I am continually experimenting with the range of colour and surface that I use to broaden and enhance the diversity of my making . This experimentation often provides the impetus for new pieces.